11253945_10206978614854814_7824635958207354915_nHi! Thank you for your interest in the Jeep Masters of Augusta! Please fill out this form and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

We are a very social group!  We love to hang out and talk Jeeps.  With that in mind, we like to meet people face to face before we accept your application for membership.  If you haven’t already please join our Jeep Masters Fan Page on Facebook as well.  All of this will ensure that once your application is approved you can be added to special pages for members only!  

Our socials are held on Thursday evenings either at local parks or restaurants and are open to anyone.  Our club meetings are held the last Thursday of the month and are for members only.

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You also understand that dues are $50.00 (subject to change) and membership runs from January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year no matter when you choose to join.

Lastly, your application will not be considered complete until the Board of Directors has approved it and you have submitted your dues payment to the Treasurer. The approval process generally takes about 21 days. The Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month to consider all applications. During this time frame you are encouraged to attend as many socials as you can and get to know our Club and its members!